My name is Joshua Gamma and I am a designer, artist, musician, DJ, and general enthusiast based in Austin, Texas.

My résumé includes work for The University of Texas at AustinThe Texas Tribune, Cantanker Magazine, the Creative Research Lab, Compass Learning, and collaborations with many designers (including local legend / character / shaman Marc English), artists, record labels, and art galleries. I was both a radio DJ and the art director for KVRX Austin 91.7 FM. I managed and performed in a band called The Mole People. I catalogued and letterpress-printed nineteenth century wood type at the Rob Roy Kelly American Wood Type Collection. I also spent a year deployed with the U.S. Army in Afghanistan.

I am interested in creating work for and about community—investigating how we create and appropriate aesthetics in order to communicate and define ourselves and how we relate to our place in time and geography. 

Cartoons rule too. 


Holler— joshua.gamma@gmail.com