We do not need to wait for a revolution. We can begin here and now, in our communities and regions, connected with others around the world, to construct the relationships and linkages that will form the basis for new cultures and economies of solidarity.

—Ethan Miller, Solidarity Economy


The Maryland Institute College of Art presents 

Everything Must Go 

An advertising slogan, a call to action.

Everything Must Go invites audiences to rethink established systems of exchange and the elements of creation, production, consumption, possession, waste, and value(s) functioning within them. Where do the things we consume come from?

Who makes them? How do we determine the value of a thing? How do we decide that it no longer has value? What do we exchange in order to obtain it? And who decides how this is done?

At Everything Must Go we’re slashing prices. Visitors are consumers are laborers are artists. Your money is no good here. Creative labor can be exchanged for anything in this store that is deemed to be of equal value. Our entire inventory is your palette. Anything altered and produced within this space becomes a work of art as well as a product. All art objects are free to be disassembled, reassembled, disregarded, or destroyed.

At Everything Must Go
collaboration > competition
shared responsibility > control
diversity > uniformity
justice > profit
the commons > the privatized

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May 07–27, 2018 | Opening reception May 11, 2018, 6–9 pm

16 W. North Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21201

Store Hours

10 am–5 pm (Tues–Sun)


Welcome to Everything Must Go, an alternative store where you are invited to use the provided store inventory to create something—a shirt, a pin, a drawing, a poster, a sculpture—and leave it behind for someone else. When you’re done, take someone else’s finished work with you in exchange. Creative labor and care constitute the currency here.

Hand-painted signs by Simon Benjamin

Public programming social media ads designed by Joshua Gamma based on hand painted signs by Simon Benjamin

Public programming social media ads designed by Joshua Gamma based on hand painted signs by Simon Benjamin


Everything Must Go was organized by the Curatorial Practice MFA class of 2019 under the direction of José Ruiz, Director of Curatorial Practice, and Gerald Ross, Director of Exhibitions.