Sample spreads from school portfolio [ 1–3:  mass image creation using random objects,  4:  site observation/documentation,  5:  research article on airport chapel designs,  6:  sketches for desk made out of pallets] / 2007–2008
 Research and proposal for wayfinding project for the Bridgeway building on The University of Texas at Austin’s campus / collaboration with Ben Hasson, Sarah Hood, & Stephanie Lieb / 2008
 Map of the G.I. Bill Helpline / 2008
 Wayfinding proposal for the downstairs of the UT Art building / collaboration with Chappell Ellison & Anders Dowd / 2004
 DIY guidebook on how make your own desk out of pallets / 2008
  A Cube in Incomplete Convocation  is 16x16x16" made from, & can return to the form of, one 2x4"; it is about the desire to become, flexibility, & interdependence / 2007
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