KOOP The Clear Spot Setlist, 07 JAN 2017

Setlist for my guest deejay appearance on The Clear Spot on KOOP Austin 91.7 FM.

Check it out streaming on Radio Free America until 21 FEB 2017

Austin Texas Oddities, 2006–2016, Pt. 1

Strange Boys: “Drugs Iggy Drugs” [Son of Sambol CD-R—self-released, 2007]
Yellow Fever: “Cats & Rats” [KVRX Local Live, Vol. 12: The Technicolor Yawn—KVRX, 2008]
Horse + Donkey: “Dot Dot”[KVRX Local Live, Vol. 12: The Technicolor Yawn—KVRX, 2008]
Bike Problems: “Dear Canadian” [Capitol City EP—self-released, 2013]

SLUGBUG: “Nervous Man Music” [Truck Month—Plastic Waffle, 2013]
Belaire: “Filling the Cracks of Time” [Exploding Impacting—Indierect, 2007]
A Faulty Chromosome: “Paris” [KVRX Local Live, Vol. 13: Stimulus Package—KVRX, 2009
Roger Sellers: “Sincere” [8 Songs—self-released, 2012]

Soft Healer: “Grand Isle” [Monofonus One-Sider 10"—Monofonus Press, 2011]
Lomelda: “Late Dawn, Parts 1 & 2” [Forever—Punctum, 2015]
RF Shannon: “How the Moon Knew the Night” [7"—Punctum, 2014]

Big Bill: “Sweet Boy” [The Second Bill—self-released, 2015]


All Austin music 2006–2016! Way too much to play, so there will surely be a Part 2!